12 best whey proteins

The 12 Best Whey Proteins.

How to build muscle mass? We’re going to tell you about the best whey proteins for effective muscle growth and fast recovery after exercise.

Which Whey Protein is Best to Buy.

An easily digestible sports nutrition derived from whey filtration that contains a complex of proteins for gaining a sculpted figure and increasing strength levels. Whey proteins are available depending on the processing technology and their degree of purification:

Concentrate, a type of sports nutrition that contains up to 80% protein. Protein obtained by evaporation of whey at low temperatures, contains more carbohydrates and fat than other types of protein, but is the most reasonably priced. The biological value of protein in this protein is very high, so it is well absorbed by the body.

Isolate is whey protein obtained by ultrafiltration or ion exchange. Contains 90% or more protein and a minimum of fat and carbohydrates. Whey protein contains more BCAA amino acids than concentrate and therefore muscle growth and recovery is faster after exercise.

Whey protein isolates are perfect for lean bodybuilders and professional bodybuilders who are lactose intolerant and want to lose weight.

Hydrolysate is a product obtained by hydrolysis and consists of a protein broken down into chains of several amino acids. It does not require time to digest and its intake during and after training gives the best results in gaining muscle mass. This kind of sports nutrition is suitable for preparing for competitions, but it requires less energy to digest, so it is not suitable for people with thin muscles.

Protein consistencies are mixes of all 3 types of protein with the highest biological value. They energize your body for a long time, stimulate the growth of lean muscle mass and provide fast recovery after training. This kind of sports drink is recommended for everyday multi-hour workouts.

Whey protein concentrates are preferable.

Protein recommended for beginners to build muscle mass and for experts to stay in shape.

The most popular sports nutrition has a nicer taste and higher biological value than hydrolysate and isolate. Take it before and after exercising but avoid taking it before going to bed.

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