Customer Reviews Nokia Lumia 2520.

Customer Reviews Nokia Lumia 2520.

The tablet reanimated by itself – they could not help in the service, when it was discharged, after charging it turned on normally. But it is periodically buggy.

Expectedly not disappointed. I warn the uninitiated: There has not been, is not and will not be the launch of classic applications for the Windows desktop. Applications are installed only from the Market.

And only for the new Modern (Metro) interface. But this is not a negative criterion for the device. For, as a tablet, it will fully satisfy requests.

But don’t expect it to completely replace your computer.

shl. I add: More than two years of using this device have passed. There were no malfunctions. Completely satisfied as a tablet.

4G works. An excellent interface for a tablet – very convenient compared to the recently released Windows 10. It’s good that there is no update to version 10 – they would only ruin all interaction with the tablet .. With the right approach to working with computers and tablets on Windows, as well as to synchronization with the account, interaction with the content occurs at the level of one or two touches. And it doesn’t matter how big the content is, a thousand files, or 20 thousand.

Access is instant. Oddly enough, the battery still holds up well. Enough for 10 hours of continuous use.

IE Browser in Metro mode is just a song. Perhaps this is the only tablet on Windows RT 8.1 of this rank – there are no analogues. Enough has already been written about the screen and hardware – they are great. The desire to use the android does not arise. There is also no desire to use a regular version of Windows on a tablet.

Since the screen is 10 inches, classic apps are indigestible to say the least. There you still can’t see anything – just break your eyes. Therefore, the RT version is enough for a tablet. … Zyzy. It’s been 3 years and 7 months of using the tablet.

The flight is normal. At the moment I use it not only as a tablet, but also as a system unit, connecting it to a large monitor via HDMI, with a keyboard and a mouse In addition, the impenetrability of Windows RT 8.1 allows

use your tablet to securely access online banking.

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