Devices for action cameras

Devices for action cameras.

Xiaomi and GoPro produce various additional devices for photo and video recording, which simplify the process and allow you to get the necessary image. To shoot from the first-person perspective, you need action camera mounts. You can use them to film a trip on a bike, a car, while driving, to capture the ascent of a mountain. The apparatus will be firmly fixed, and the picture – exact.


Regardless of the method of fixation – head, arm, body or car, look for the type: standard or reinforced. Standard versions are suitable for shooting video at low speed – 30–60 km. The price for reinforced models is higher: these models are equipped with a rubberized base on the inside. This prevents it from slipping and prevents it from falling off. Such accessories are suitable for extreme shots. When choosing a body brace, pay attention to the ability to adjust the size and hardness.

The pad for the unit must be made of ABS plastic – This material is shock resistant and easy to clean, which is good for users who are shooting a trip on a bike or bike.

In order to enjoy the results of the shooting in different criteria, it is worth buying other options for action camera accessories.

Other Devices.

Monopod – telescopic pole for camera – will be needed for selfies and bloggers. Judging by the reviews of users, it is worth choosing an accessory made of aluminum: it is easy to hold in the weight, and it is more durable than plastic. Retractable versions allow you to shoot from different distances. Neutral light filter – Protects the lens from dust, fingerprints, scratches and mechanical damage. Boxing – Protects the device from falling, water, allows you to shoot deep BRANCARDIERI from French to English underwater . Additional battery – allows you to prolong the shooting time.

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