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John Furniture
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Together with us, our clients create a new kitchen model in all its aspects – they order special designs and cabinets, materials, filling, finishing coating.
This is how unique custom kitchens are built, without any restrictions, standards or templates.
We invite everyone to get acquainted with our work and plunge deeper into the process of building custom kitchens. This will allow you to better understand us and our approach to business.
We develop or modify the design of furniture within the framework of the task indicated by the clients, regardless of the level of complexity
We design, manufacture and install. We take into account in our work the difficulties encountered by clients at the stage of construction work.
A choice of different materials for production (wood, plywood, MDF, veneer, metal and many others).
We help with advice on finishing work, advise foremen, provide drawings for communications.
Concept author – designer-architect Elena Kuznetsova
Design – designer Elena Portnova
The project was carried out under the Marko Studio brand. This is our second brand, the key direction of which is the complex furnishing of design projects. We have made built-in wardrobes, kitchen, vanity unit and dresser in the bedroom.

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