Toyota Corolla Rumion in Uganda

Toyota Corolla Rumion in Uganda
Toyota Corolla Rumion in Uganda

Ford’s CX-5 CX-5 sedan is the world’s latest crossover-car option for luxury, with new cars including the Ford EcoBoost CX-5 SUV and the Hyundai Tucson Moped in the US. The new models combine the classic styling of the three-door Corolla with new technologies from Ford, Ford’s plant in Mendocino, Calif., and its plant in Costa Rica.

“The big deal is we’re able to deliver this to consumers with a full standard engine with all new components and with new upgrades like new technologies,” said Matt Stone, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer. “And we hope that we can create the market for these vehicles in the long term.”

Fords is targeting a market of 80,000 cars by 2020, although many more are expected — or should be, given the company’s recent announcement $4 billion plan to upgrade its factories and focus on new vehicles. The plant’s focus over the next five to six years is to help fill the aging Ford lineup with new vehicles.

Ford says it will launch its fifth CX-5 in 2019 along with its four other F-Type vehicles as its only vehicle under development since 2007. The U.S. auto brand plans to launch its first-ever CX-5 crossover in 2017.
The CX-5, which features a redesigned exterior body design

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