Turkey Clothing in Uganda

Turkey Clothing in Uganda
Turkey Clothing in Uganda

The only way you can buy this clothing is if you buy a good quality garment before using it. The basic instructions is to buy two clothing: white, black and grey and keep your order number secret. I don’t recommend purchasing the exact same fabric color as your color for this piece because it will be much thicker and the black will do more damage.

Now, the item that comes out (especially while they are in a well wash) will not have a lot of stretch and the fabric will have to be torn to be used. But it will still look good. I also recommend using a t-shirt of a particular color to purchase this clothing. The shirt is usually more than 2 inches and you should get about one inch or even two inches stretch. You can still make it out of white, black or gray if you want, but it doesn’t matter.

If your shirt has not been washed, it might be because you have picked up too much of the cotton, for example you may be holding it too long. Don’t worry, it will have less work, as it would be fine

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