Video Editing and Arts Entertainment CV

Video Editing and Arts Entertainment CV
Video Editing and Arts Entertainment CV
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Edit videos for YouTube channels, Instagram, TikTok accounts. Create motion decoration (but this is not accurate). Perform color correction. Work with sound.
You have a computer of good power. You have perseverance. You understand the basic principles of editing. You have a set of different dies / titles. You know how to manage several projects at the same time …
Installation of videos for social networks (instagram, tik tok). Working with sound. Color correction.
Portfolio. Videography skills will be a big plus. Ability to work in the “everything is on” mode, manage several projects at the same time and easily switch between …
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Editing of media content, namely videos, sound, promotional materials. Video filming as an operator.
Rich experience in video editing. Good knowledge of any editing tools such as Final Cut or Adobe Premier. Knowledge of other tools is a plus …
Editing of promo videos, commercials, clips and blogs.
Creation of animations, video presentations. Operator work, from 3 years (studio \ reportage \ documentary photography). Experience in scripting, directing and video production.
Works with graphics and 3D modeling. Photographing. Works in one of the audio editors. Preparing the site for shooting (knowledge of the schemes …
Creation and placement of video materials (videos, video reports, news videos) on the website Search for video topics that match the current news agenda and interests …

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