Wedding salon Vellon.

Wedding salon Vellon.

I knew my new pasia – deliberately about organizing the wedding from “A” to “Z”! I would like to share with you a joke of my ideal weighty cloth. The chatter went off from instagram, and I followed the salon and looked at my new style.

For two and a half months went to the offensive. I knew the design of the salons, I got home, and at once, with my friend, I spilled defilevati in the cloth: classic, A-silhouette, ribka, boho, writing with such a wag, as I- everything was wrong. And about the bazhan, the lightness of the weighty cloth of the year. I’ve visited the main house, I wondered about one salon, which I signed up for a long time ago, having written and home about the note, Katerina started singing me, but I’m definitely not going to get lost without cloth. Having tried more than 5 cloths from the consultant Anastasia, they practically sat down for good, but from what vibrated the model, as I chose the one from the photo, sunk into the soul the most.

Ale Inna is not Ivanna without troubles, and she went to Winnitsyu – probably, as an occasional wedding fashion. From a friend they took the cloth, overflowed the zavdatok through the day, they were asked to repeat the message abi to see more details. And all the bulo nothing, as for the decilka days, I did not mind tormenting my mind.

I didn’t write the history, I still didn’t go to Vinnitsa’s place and wrote to the consultants, I want to add some cloth. And here I respect: before the wedding 5 days, I borrowed more than an hour to sew, and that cloth, as I wanted, had already been brought in, and it meant that my world was not mine anymore, ale dyakuchi is more competent,

to the best, mega professional consultants Anastasia, Katya and Galina did not check mega novina for me, so I can get my clothes, some of them got up to see the news, instead of taking the world and for the winner of the present A kind salon for a mega twist vibir, near the salon you can know cloths for any kind of relish, modern trends, good textiles, consultants for their pleasure, recommendations, girls are put on the choice of leather cloth, as to their power, I know.

“Vellon” was the first and only wedding salon that I chose. I want to express my sincere gratitude to you @ for the presented ease and comfort on such an important day for every girl – the wedding day! The dress that you helped me choose in the salon turned out to be not just a “dream dress”, but “my” dress. The dress turned out to be very comfortable to wear – at the end of the day I didn’t even want to part with it

Thank you very much to Velyon salon and especially Katyusha for the professionalism and wonderful atmosphere in the salon. Thanks to you, I found my most beautiful dress, and I was the most beautiful at my wedding. Thank you very much, you gave me joy and happiness.

Dyakuyu salon Vellon for those who knew here paying their money. We were lucky to see a visonati, who can’t afford to wear a dress that is close to a train until it is new, as well as a fatty, you cannot proponuvat інші salons. Vy pracyuєte individually for the skin!

Paying her name, acting as a princess. You just have a super-personal atmosphere and staff.

I would like to thank Katyusha for her patience and skill in communicating with a client, for her good taste, for the ability to choose the dress of your dreams, for advice in choosing, and a good cozy atmosphere in the salon. I recommend Vellon salon to everyone, girls here you will find the dress of your dreams. I found it right here

Velion was the first and only bridal salon that I chose and where I found Back Corrector the dress of my dreams. It so happened that on the Internet I found a dress that suited me according to all criteria: powder color, detachable train, expensive lace and style. Arriving at the salon, it was not available, only on order. I immediately agreed, my measurements were taken and a month later it came

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